A word from the Founder

I’m passionate about making prayer time a special time that I honour and enjoy. Sometimes I felt I was rushing to finish my prayers so that I could take off my prayer dress. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find the kind of prayer dress I wanted. So I wanted to create something beautiful for prayer time. I wanted to design something that was both modest and elegant. It had to be stylish yet easy-to-wear - it needed to feel luxurious so that I loved to put it on - and would not be in a rush to take it off. And it also had to fit and look good on women of all shapes and sizes.

After many months of researching and testing, I found the perfect material - soft, flowing, and breathable. As well as being elegant and beautiful, I wanted it to be practical too - so I added in ruched seams, which mean it can fit any height, and created an option to tie a small belt around it, which transforms it into a dress you can wear after your prayer time too. The veil itself is held in place with a small clip..

I wanted to create something truly special - more than just a dress - an experience that would help me and other women step more easily into the right mindset for our precious prayer time.

For me, the beautiful luxurious packaging of the prayer dress and veil reminds me that I am privileged to be preparing to have some special time, which I can truly cherish and honour.

I hope you feel the same way.